For those times when you need your a small to medium scall PA HIRE, contact DYNAMIC SOUNDS DISCO.

Our range of PA HIRE equipment runs from a single 200w speaker to a 3.5kW speaker system and included a variety of leaded and radio microphone, mixer desks, iPod and MP3 player conectivity, and bluetooth connectivity.


Our PA HIRE systems are ideally suited for a whole host of occasions and situations such as:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Wedding Meal Speeches
  • Business Meeting
  • Corporate Events
  • Public Events

When it comes to our equipment we have a wide variety of euipment from some of the world's leading audio companies including:

  • Senheiser Radio Microphones
  • Shure Radio Microphones
  • LD Systems Powered Speakers
  • Mackie Powered Speakers
  • Behringer Amplifiers
  • Behringer Mixer Desks

For that occasion when you want things to be discreet our speakers are unobtrusive and can fit into a small space in the corner, but will still deliver and outstanding performance with a sounds quality that is second to none.

What ever your requirement feel free to contact us.

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