DYNAMIC SOUNDS DISCO does more than just play music, can supply other services that you wouldn't expect a disco to do.


The classic game is brought upto date for the 21st Century. The numbers are picked from a computerised system, that displays the selected numbers on screens

The computer will even tell you, and display on the screens, the ticket that house has been called on.

The tickets are colour code by game and, if you like, the tickets can be personalised for your event.

Two, three, ten... you choose how many games you want for the night, and let us help you out.



Instead of numbers on the game cards, there are the names of some of the most popular songs of the last 50 years.

The computer plays a snippet of a song, and if you have that song (and you recognise it) then mark it off of your card, and the first person to fill thier card is the winner.



Why not have a horse racing night? Punters "bet" on a selection of races each featuring 8 fillies. The ever popular horse race nights can be used as a fund raiser for you group, or as an add on to a party to add to the fun.

With a whole host of 8 horse races over a variety of flat and jump courses, there is always thrills and spills to keep everyone excited. We can work out betting and winnings, and even help with prizes for the winning owners.

The races are shown, with commentary on TV screens for the race fans to watch and cheer along their favourite.



Graham started hosting quiz nights in bars and clubs over 20 years ago, and over the years had asked hundred of questions.

You can have questions to suit any level of knowledge, in various different subject it is more then just your usual quiz night


What ever your requirement feel free to contact us

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